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    注册交易帐户 “ 您必须要注册真实的交易账户,才可以获得50%的交易赠金。注册过程简单快捷,只需点击”开通交易账户“。只有标准账户和穆斯林账户类型可以申请50%的交易赠金。
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    存款到您的交易账户 在您的交易账户存款成功之后,您后收到交易赠金。您可以请使用客户端中的任何方式,进行存款。
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    申请您的交易赠金 当您成功存款至交易账号之后,如需申请交易赠金,请通过您的注册邮箱发邮件至[[[email protected]:0] ],并在邮件中著名您的账号以及促销活动名称,以便我们可以及时处理你的申请。只有完全通过验证的交易账户,才可以参加此促销活动。


** 仅适用于"标准"和"穆斯林"交易帐户类型。

赠金计划的条款 “50% 欢迎赠金”

Trading Bonus Terms and Conditions


  • By participating in the given promotion, client acknowledges and agrees to the current terms and conditions.
  • Client agrees and obliged to provide correct personal details when registering trading account, such as, full name, telephone number and email. In case of providing false details, company has the right without prior notice to eliminate accumulated profits and to eliminate participant from the "Trading Bonus" promotion.
  • Current promotion conjugates with company’s “Clients agreement” of MaximusFX.
  • "Trading Bonus"; valid from 01/10/16 up to 30/11/16.
  • Every new registered client has ability to receive "Trading Bonus" after the initial deposit is made.
  • Trading bonus is available to clients only after full verification of trading account.
  • Minimum required deposit to qualify for trading bonus is $200 US Dollars or equivalent.
  • The maximum amount of trading bonus credit is $ 3000 US Dollars.
  • Current promotion is available to one trading account per client where initial deposit is made.
  • Client can perform withdrawal of funds, when there are no open trading positions on the trading account/platform.
  • Trading bonus cannot be used in case of lost initial deposit, trading account will be switched to bonus trading mode when equity is less than trading bonus, all following trading activity and profits will be considered trading bonus.
  • In case account equity lower than total of deposit and withdrawals, bonus funds will be used in trading strictly after initial investment.
  • All trading bonus and generated profits with bonus will be eliminated on the 30.11.2016, 00:00 terminal time.
  • Clients may not make any withdrawals until the necessary trading volume is completed. Please note that until the required trading volume has been satisfied, withdrawals of bonus funds or trading profit are not allowed.
  • MaximusFX refers to trading volume in round turns. You may opt out of the bonus program, in which case, no minimum trading volume needs to be reached before requesting a withdrawal. However, if you do receive a bonus, and request a withdrawal before the trading volume conditions are met, only your initial deposit less profits or losses may be withdrawn and trading will not be permitted on the remaining bonus amount and/or any profit generated.
  • Bonus Volume Requirements: 4.0 million trading volume per $100 bonus credit received.
  • When calculating volume, trades with interval of 5 minutes will not be concidered.
  • When calculating volume, hedge positions will not be concidered.
  • Request will be processed as per terms and conditions of this promotion and there should be no open trading positions or request will be cancelled.
  • The company reserves the right to refuse in trading bonus promoton at any time to client or to group of clients.
  • The conditions of this bonus may be changed at the discretion of the company at any time without prior notice.
  • The company reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel the trading bonus promotion without prior notice and / or generate profit if the client uses arbitrage strategies, expert advisor, robot and / or specialized software for the abuse of the terms and conditions of this promotion.
  • Hiding IP address is not permitted. If the IP address is constantly changing, the company reserves the right to eliminate the bonus and generated income without prior notice.
  • Withdraw will be possible only after an email request is sent to [email protected]
  • Trading financial instruments is subjected to a high level of risk and may lead to possible loss of all your funds.


I have read and understand the Trading Bonus Terms and Conditions.

* 任何恶意欺诈或者滥用 «MaximusFX»提供的100%交易赠金将违反有关赠金的条件和条款,您的账户可能会被完全终止参加此活动*。«MaximusFX»完全严格遵所有法规和监管要求。 * * 取决于«MaximusFX»的决定


您的存款 (EUR/USD)您的赠金 (EUR/USD)

从 $200 到 $10,000

最多 50%

从 $10,001 获得更多**


50% 欢迎赠金





















根据账户类型 (标准账户或伊斯兰账户)


1 手 = 4 美元

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